Call for Content
VR Days Europe 
25 - 27 October 2017
VR Days Europe calls a special voice out to all artists, storytellers and creatives to show us what immersive media can be. Send us your most daring and exciting projects. All content with an art and/or storytelling nature is welcome. 

Become part of the Church of VR and help us show the industry how creativity does it again in the VR, AR, and MR world.

And if that's not exciting enough... You can also have your première at the VR Days. 

Send in your project, prototype or project plan (with this form) before August 20th. The final project should be sent to us before October 1st 2017.
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If you can show us a trailer, first draft or online version of your project and you haven't already, please put down the link here.
Thank you for your submission!

Expect an e-mail in September with more information about the selection and what steps to take.

The final project should be sent to us before October 1st.
This form will close after August 20, 2017.
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