Open Call for Exhibitors
VR Days Europe 
25 - 27 October 2017
Thank you for your interest in VR Days Europe, 25 - 27 October, 2017 in Amsterdam! This form is meant for companies that are interested in being represented in the exhibition of VR Days Europe. The dates of the exhibition are October 26 & 27, 2017 in De Kromhouthal.

We would like to know a little bit more about you and your VR/AR project/company. This will help us accurately organise the exhibition and make sure you are serviced in any possible way.

This call does not oblige you to any sort of payment or contract agreement.
We shall contact you to further discuss your involvement during the Expo and possibly in other parts of the festival. 
Please note that the deadline for submission is on October 1st.

What is your First Name? *

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What area does  {{answer_Szpi}} focus on in VR/AR? *

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What would make the VR Days Europe relevant for you? *

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Who needs to be present at the festival to make it relevant for your company?

How much m2 will you need?

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What project would you like to showcase at our exhibition?

Hosting an Expert sessions at VondelCS is among the possibilities for VR/AR companies. Are you interested to learn more about this? *

In general, what topic should not be skipped during the Conference and Expert Tracks this year?

How did you hear about us?

Thank you! We will contact you soon to discuss your participation in the Expo at VR Days Europe. 

If you have urgent matters you can mail us at
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