Call for Crew Volunteers
VR Days Europe
October 25-26-27, 2017
So you’re interested in AR & VR? So are we. This year we’re organising the 3rd edition of VR Days Europe, one of the world’s most influential gatherings of VR & AR professionals. We’d love your help in helping to organise this massive event and make it a success for all the content creators, promising startups and VR/AR enthusiasts involved.
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How can we reach you by phone? *

We'll only use this information to reach you during event hours or in emergencies.
What t-shirt size can we order for you? *

Which days are you available to help? *

We'll ask you to take two 6-hour shifts as a minimum. In return, you'll get free access to the conference, masterclasses and exhibition areas on off-hours.

Rate your level of technical knowledge on VR/AR.

For a few positions in particular we're looking for crew members to help out in troubleshooting technical difficulties with VR experiences at various venues. Please indicate what your level of understanding is on how VR/AR headsets work.

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